smart parking

Install induction T8 lamp tubes (built-in radar induction sensors) above the parking spaces, and realize the dimming control of the area lighting by monitoring the displacement of human body and vehicles, so as to achieve the control effect that the lights are on when people come, and the lights keep the minimum illumination when people leave

Through induction control, the lighting capacity of the vehicle garage is sufficient to effectively reduce the energy level, reduce contact pollution in public places, and provide high-use convenience.

When the built-in sensor of the lamp above the lane senses the vehicle entering, in addition to automatically brightening the lighting in this area, it will also link the lighting lamps in the adjacent area to ensure the safety of the vehicle, and keep the low brightness state as required when there is no vehicle passing

To achieve the best use and energy saving effect on the premise of ensuring the safe driving of the vehicle

key features

Linkage sensor control
Centralized management and control of equipment
Automatic detection of faulty equipment
Ability data comparative analysis